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Columbus CrossFit Community

The community at CrossFit Clintonville is the heart and soul of our gym.    CFC members come from all walks of life and diverse athletic backgrounds.  From Olympic level competitors and College Athletes to Reformed Couch Potatoes and Grandparents, CrossFit Clintonville is for everyone.  Our members embrace a positive, non-judgmental, and family-like atmosphere that motivates you and keeps you coming back.


CrossFit Clintonville Rules

  1. Be Nice, bad attitudes have no place here.  If you can’t be nice this is not the gym for you.
  2. Be Respectful, respect each other, respect the equipment and respect yourself.
  3. Be Consistent, you need to come with regularity to see real results. We don’t want you to waste your money, so get in here and work out with us! There are plenty of other gyms that base their model on members not showing up and we’re not one of them.
  4. Try Hard, when you walk through the door give it your best, whatever you have that day, give it your all.
  5. Have Fun, we want to be the best hour of your day.

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