January 2018 - CrossFit Clintonville

Month: January 2018

Emily Glenn | CrossFit Clintonville

December 2017 Skillz Challenge Winner

When CrossFit Clintonville member Emily Glenn learned about the gym’s December Skillz Challenge—a monthly competition among members to complete the most repetitions of a specific skill—she was intrigued. Not only did she have a bizarre enjoyment of the featured move, burpee to bar, which involves a burpee followed by a jump to touch a bar
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Aaron Reistad | CrossFit Clintonville

Member Spotlight: Aaron Reistad

I grew up in Colorado and enjoyed an active lifestyle of hiking, snowboarding, and rock climbing, I also wrestled and ran track and Cross Country. In undergrad, at Colorado State I began doing mixed martial arts and running half-marathons. When I moved across the country for graduate school at Florida State in 2013, I did not
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