April 2018 - CrossFit Clintonville

Month: April 2018

Chase Pitman | CrossFit Journey

Member Spotlight: Chase Pitman

To people who’ve known me my whole life, my journey to CrossFit Clintonville would probably be described as, “unexpected”. I’ve always been a ThiccBoi, even as a kid. An early sugar addiction and an intense childhood loathing towards all things green and leafy will do that to you. Couple that with a natural aversion to
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Muscle up | Jess Androsik

Member Spotlight: Jess Androsik

About a year and a half ago, I finished an 18-year competitive gymnastics career. I began gymnastics when I was two years old, and competed all the way through high school. I attended Brockport, a college in upstate New York, with the intention of competing as a college gymnast. Due to an injury and various
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