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Nic Miller Backsquat

Guest Post: Nic Miller Member Spotlight

What do you get when you take a married 20-something with 2 kids, add the stress of medical school and a small business, plus a prodigious appetite and a penchant for consuming amazing amounts of popcorn? You get me, a year ago, weighing in at 223 pounds, unable to climb two flights of stairs without
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Endurance Runners

CrossFit For The Endurance Athlete

Now that the temperatures are getting warmer and the days longer, a lot of people will begin to migrate from the indoors to the outdoors, particularly those who build their fitness regimens around long runs or bike rides. Among these endurance athletes are those who feel the additional rush to get out and hit pavement because they are
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CrossFit Rope Climb

Focus On Your “Goats” At Open Gym

When you exercise, do you find yourself gravitating to your favorite exercises?  Are there certain exercises that you remain much more consistent in week after week?  You probably answered yes to both of those questions.  Think for a second about the exercises that came to mind.  Most likely they are the exercises that come easiest
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Krystine Mid Squat

Guest Post: CrossFit’s Impact On My Life

While I have always been of average build, I was never considered athletic. I am by nature, not a coordinated person, so when I decided to embark on a six-month journey into CrossFit, I was not optimistic. I had previously tried kickboxing and I couldn’t become dedicated to it, so I thought CrossFit would be
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getting motivated to workout

Embracing the Grind – Workout Motivation

A difference between progress and stagnation in our lives is an imaginary line called “ I don’t feel like…” This is followed by some sort of action that we know we should do but in our minds we make excuses why we’re not feeling at our best and it’d be best to wait until we’re
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CrossFit During Pregnancy

Continuing CrossFit During Pregnancy Q&A

For an active woman, the joyous news of being pregnant may also signal in their minds that it is time to shut down their active lifestyles completely. They may feel as if this important part of their lives has to come to a screeching halt; that for nine months they are unable, on any level,
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CrossFit Trainer

Observing the Transformation From Beginner to Experienced: CrossFit Trainer Q&A

CrossFit is for certain not your ordinary workout experience and like anything that’s outside our norm, it causes intimidation within us. Some of the promotion of CrossFit may glamorize the elite athletes lifting huge weights and doing complex movements but that represents a small number of a larger population of people who go to a
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CrossFit Before and After

CrossFit 101: No Experience Needed. Beginner Q&A.

Intimidation is a great deceiver. Before you start anything, it will tell you that the challenges are more than you’re capable of. You begin to focus more on the future and what seems impossible instead of focusing on the present and what you are capable of achieving and building from that. So, the next thing
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Mid-leap Box Jump

What is Fitness?

In this blog post we address the question, what is fitness? At CrossFit Clintonville we believe that total fitness consists of many different components, endurance, strength, power, speed, agility, balance, and flexibility for example. True fitness translates to your life in functional ways across many different activities. With a well-rounded fitness a person can be
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