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Aaron Reistad | CrossFit Clintonville

Member Spotlight: Aaron Reistad

I grew up in Colorado and enjoyed an active lifestyle of hiking, snowboarding, and rock climbing, I also wrestled and ran track and Cross Country. In undergrad, at Colorado State I began doing mixed martial arts and running half-marathons. When I moved across the country for graduate school at Florida State in 2013, I did not
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Steve Reinhart Before & After CFC

Member Spotlight: Steve Reinhart

It all started for me back in September 2016, Ambrose invited us to Allentown PA. for the Gap Gallop bike ride, including a bonus hill called Fiddlers Elbow, which if you ride to top, you get a fabulous prize. The ride headed out through the rolling hills of Amish country, Fiddler Elbow was at mile
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Janis Member Pic

Member Spotlight: Janis Halteman

Before I started Cross Fit, I was working out in a local gym, doing boot camps and weight training, and some power lifting with a trainer.  My husband and I both worked out there, and we had a great support group of friends there. I felt perhaps I’d reached the limits of how far I
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nick lannan and colin veatch

Member Spotlight: Team Shake n’ Bake

Colin: My journey for a better and healthier life started in June of 2016. I had just moved out of living with my Ex-girlfriend and was the heaviest I had ever been. At that point in time was when I knew I needed a positive change in my life. The idea of starting Crossfit started
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Madison Mackay CrossFit

Member Spotlight: Madison Mackay

My first parlay into CrossFit came at the demise of my pure resistance against my best friend’s insistence on trying it. (Sound familiar?) After berating him for months about his new obsession, I figured I’d give this whole fad a try at Dennis Kap’s original gym, Always Forward CrossFit through Denison University’s Big Red Fitness
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Charlie Stack | Before & After

Member Spotlight: Charlie Stack

My CrossFit journey began due to general life dissatisfaction about how I looked physically, and how I felt mentally. Growing up my entire life revolved around sports. I spent countless weekends traveling for baseball, football, and basketball. Sports were my life and how I spent 99% of my free time, and I was lucky enough
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Jenny Grabmeier

Member Spotlight: Jenny Grabmeier

It was a series of circumstances, or signs if you believe in them, that pointed me in the direction of CrossFit. Eight years ago, weightlifting and spinning were my workouts of choice until I lost my lifting partner tragically—to CrossFit. Rather than follow his lead, I stuck with the gym, but over time I found
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Brian Mitts - CFC Member

Member Spotlight: Brian Mitts

The first time I tried CrossFit was when Ryan Lang talked me into attending the community class at CFC. When he invited me because I had expressed an interest in giving CrossFit a try. I was in dire need of a change of pace from my workout regimen and running routine which had become repetitive.
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Andree Klein

Member Spotlight: Andree Klein

I am super happy that I found the gym/box and thankful to the coaches and other members. They welcomed and supported me incredibly during my first year. Ever since joining I have I felt increasingly strong and good. My CrossFit journey started in February 2016, two weeks before the Open. After my 101 I thought,
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Sarah Kovacs | CrossFit

Member Spotlight: Sarah Kovacs

It is a very empowering experience when you finally decide to start taking care of yourself. Starting from a very early age, I would get great satisfaction from being able to help other people. Friends, family, or anyone around me who needed it. It is what I took comfort in, when I felt anything but comfortable
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