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aaron + claire CFC members

Member Spotlight: Aaron & Claire

We have four boys, ages 5 to 15. Over the past fifteen years, we had periods where we worked out consistently (shout out to 2015!) and times where did almost nothing (yeah, we are talking about you 2008). In the past few years, we had been doing Beach Body workouts at home, including ones that
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6 easy vacation tips for keeping your abs

6 Easy Vacation Tips for Keeping Your Hard-Earned Abs

You worked hard for those beach-ready abs, and you’re ready to relax on vacation. You want to eat, drink and be merry, but you’re worried that it will ruin your hard-earned results. If that dilemma sounds familiar, check out these six easy strategies that will allow you to enjoy your vacation, while minimizing the nutritional damage.
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setting yearly goals

What Comes After a Resolution: Goal Setting

As another year ends this is a time when people take the time to reflect on what they’ve accomplished in the past year and make self-assessments. A lot of people take an extra step and participate in an over-hyped, yearly ritual – the New Years Resolution. There’s nothing wrong with a resolution; a resolution is a
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CrossFit Community

Transforming Lives Through Fitness

Gyms and fitness centers are supposed to be places for personal development. Places where people can improve their fitness and health and, with the right guidance, go through a deeper and richer personal growth process. The reality is that not all gyms and fitness centers achieve this goal, if they choose to pursue it in
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Living happily - woman with coffee

Abundance Vs. Scarcity: Setting the Tone to Your Life

As much as we hate to admit it, we don’t get complete control over everything in our lives. What we do have control over is our outlook on life and the frame of mind we create for ourselves. Life is about the choices we make. The mindset we create for ourselves is one of the
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