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Emily Glenn | CrossFit Clintonville

December 2017 Skillz Challenge Winner

When CrossFit Clintonville member Emily Glenn learned about the gym’s December Skillz Challenge—a monthly competition among members to complete the most repetitions of a specific skill—she was intrigued. Not only did she have a bizarre enjoyment of the featured move, burpee to bar, which involves a burpee followed by a jump to touch a bar
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Crossfit Clintonville Murph 2015

Murph-a-palooza 2016!

WHO’S READY FOR MURPH!? We’ll be taking this annual event to the next level this year! “Murph-a-palooza 2016” Saturday, May 28th at 1:30pm “Murph”? If you weren’t in this picture last year; Murph is a hero wod workout in memory of Navy Lieutenant Michael Murphy who gave his life to the service of our country
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