CFC Services

As part of our dedication to transform lives through fitness, we are pleased to offer services that are tailored to best serve you.

In addition to our regularly scheduled CrossFit classes, and special fitness programs, we also offer a store with fitness gear and supplements, and an infrared sauna!

Learn more about our special fitness programs below:

Clintonville Barbell

CFC is an officially affiliated USA Weightlifting Club! We can now offer more support for our competitive weightlifters, and are now one of the select few gyms in Columbus to operate a barbell club. Additionally, all our athletes and CrossFitters will benefit from the instruction that comes from a USAW-guided coaching model.

Kettlebell Class

Our kettlebell class teaches styles and techniques based on ONNIT Academy kettlebell methodology, including the swing, clean, press, snatch, and more. Each class will include a specific warm-up, a short skill session and then a kettlebell-specific cardio-based WOD. The course will be lead by Travis Moyer, ONNIT Academy Kettlebell Specialist.


Whether you are an experienced rower or just looking for a new full-body cardio challenge to work into your life, RO-HIO is for you. Our classes are taught by experienced, competitive, former collegiate rowers and are designed to be as challenging or as easy as you would like. The best part about this exercise is that doesn’t take long to develop a sound rowing technique with the help of our trainers. And once you have your rowing technique down, we guarantee you are going to feel the burn.

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