Abundance Vs. Scarcity: Setting the Tone to Your Life


As much as we hate to admit it, we don’t get complete control over everything in our lives. What we do have control over is our outlook on life and the frame of mind we create for ourselves. Life is about the choices we make. The mindset we create for ourselves is one of the most important choices we make. A person can choose to view the opportunities all around him, define success as the value he can share and offer to others, and be a willing participant in creating more value in the world with others. Alternatively, a person can choose to be self-absorbed, resentful, and see only limits in life, thus closing himself off from the rest of the world. We can call the former an abundant mindset and the latter a scarcity mindset.

The major difference between the two mindsets is how open a person is to other people and the world around them.

What it Means to Live an Abundant Lifestyle

An abundant person spends his time and energy looking outside of himself which allows him to live more openly and build connections with others. This mindset allows him to build a bigger life for himself and others. The freedom to live this way comes from focusing on life’s endless opportunities that all may pursue. Once a person adopts this way of thinking, they look for ways to create value in other people’s lives (in business or personal relationships) because they know that success is the amount of value a person is able to offer to as many people as they can.

The abundant person would be the person who is willing to share successful strategies he’s used to reach his goals or offer positive and constructive feedback to another person. He gets as much satisfaction from being a facilitator in other people reaching their goals and potential as he does his own. A person who lives life with an abundant mindset builds stronger bonds with more people which leads to more collaboration and trust among others.

Living Negatively with a Scarcity Mindset

People that are infected with a scarcity mindset, see life as a zero-sum game. This is a person who carries an inner scoreboard with them at all times. They spend their life so concentrated on themselves that they can’t (or choose not to) see all the enriching opportunities of life around them. Instead of living outward they adopt a mindset to compete over what they perceive to be the limited opportunities there are for people.

The toxicity of this mindset is the thinking that personal success comes at the expense of another person’s pursuits. This is a person who goes through life with pettiness, jealousy, and resentment. They’ll see others who are successful as recipients of luck while they are victims of circumstance (“ I could have been successful if…” for example). The harsh truth for this person is they create their own misfortune. If they were to live their life in a manner that sought out ways to share and create with others instead of holding back they would see the opportunities for a flourishing life increase.

How Do These Mindsets Work in Real Life

A practical example of the two mindsets at work is in an exercise or training environment. The person who comes into the facility or joins a group with a mentality that is confident in his abilities, can recognize his weaknesses, and wants to find a way to mesh with the group to enhance the overall experience for everyone to reach their fitness potential gives more value than the person who comes in self-absorbed and sees another person’s strengths and progressions as an indictment against theirs.

Most people come to a gym or fitness facility to reenergize themselves from a stressful day or to energize themselves in the morning to start their day. They use that hour or more to tap into the mind-body connection to improve themselves physically as well as mentally. With this goal in mind, they want to be around people who give off the same positive energy as they hope to give off to others.

An Abundant Mindset in the Gym

An abundant-minded person comes in equally excited about the possibility for him to offer advice, expertise, or pointers for others to fulfill potential as he is about reaching his own potential. Meanwhile, a person with scarcity would be the person coming in feeling the need to size everyone up to try and feel stronger and more secure with himself.

Adopting an Abundant Lifestyle

The best way for a person to create an abundant lifestyle is by examining the company they keep. The saying goes that we are the average of the five people we associate with the most. If the five people we come into contact the most on any given day are givers, then our chances of being this type of person has to increase with the more abundant-minded people we can spend time with.

The more we come into contact with those type of people who are willing to share and build with others, the more we can’t help but to adopt that same lifestyle for ourselves. An abundant minded person carries his abundant outlook with him in everything he does and everywhere he goes, and the same goes for people who are scarce minded. It doesn’t matter if it’s in business or recreation, our mindset and life outlook is who we are at any time and place. The key to keeping and maintaining the abundant view of life is by continually placing ourselves in environments where we’ll be among highly abundant people.