Focus On Your "Goats" At Open Gym

When you exercise, do you find yourself gravitating to your favorite exercises?  Are there certain exercises that you remain much more consistent in week after week?  You probably answered yes to both of those questions.  Think for a second about the exercises that came to mind.  Most likely they are the exercises that come easiest to you; the exercises that you are best at.  These kinds of exercises come easier because they cater to your strengths.  The exercises that you find more difficult, more taxing, involve the weaker areas of your body.  These are the exercises that you should be focusing on.  The ones that challenge you most.

It's human nature to focus on what we're best at.  We do this in our everyday lives by choosing activities that come easiest and most naturally.  While it makes sense that a person with natural music talent would focus on that ability in their free time, exercise is a much different story.  The whole purpose of going to the gym is to increase your fitness and develop your weaker areas.  Take pull-ups, for example. Many feel discouraged by the number of pull-ups they can do initially.  However, with a consistent effort and some determination, you would be surprised at how much strength you can gain.

If you find yourself avoiding your most difficult exercises, it's time to challenge yourself to take them head on. Remember that Open Gym (Fridays at 4:30pm) is a fantastic opportunity to focus on your goats. There is always a trainer on duty to supply you with the proper technique and approach to turn your goats into strengths.