Member Spotlight: Andree Klein


I am super happy that I found the gym/box and thankful to the coaches and other members. They welcomed and supported me incredibly during my first year. Ever since joining I have I felt increasingly strong and good. My CrossFit journey started in February 2016, two weeks before the Open. After my 101 I thought, if I am going to do this, I am going to do this properly, so I registered for the Open. For the next 5 weeks, the Open workout kicked my ass and showed me what stage I was at in my fitness. The Open was my extended 101 ramp up. Seeing how the others performed got me motivated to improve.

I am from Germany and have just turned 41. Being German, I of course played a lot of soccer. In my mid 20s I started running and soon after, transitioned to triathlon. My goal was the 70.3 distance however with a knee/hip injury followed by a melanoma diagnosis, I got kicked to the ground and I was told I couldn't go back to extreme exercise. So I kept my training to a minimum for a long time and I still need to watch out for my health.

It was in Hamburg, Germany in 2010 where I lived and call home, that I heard  about CrossFit for the first time.  One of the first CrossFit box opened in the city but at that time we were just on the move to Amsterdam, The Netherlands. Five years later,  we had just moved to Columbus, Ohio and I decided to start CrossFit. I finally wanted to work out and interact with people and leave my headphones at home.

I am so happy to have found the right place in CFC. I have never regretted my decision due to the awesome coaches and great people in every class. I am very grateful for every class I can go to and I always look forward to seeing friendly faces and driven individuals with the same respect and love for the sport.

My goal is to stay fit, get stronger and stay healthy. My barbell game improved, I have definitely strengthen my core and posture, gained some muscle weight and thanks to the workout program, my overall well being is the best it has been for a long while.

You can typically see me at the 2nd shift in the morning, the 7am class. Morning workouts felt hard, but it has become the best ever start to my day. Full of energy for work and family and nice and tired at night. Thanks to the coaches I have got really into weightlifting, which I have a lot of respect for. I am grateful the coaches' expertise and all the members who helped me to learn a lot in the last months. CrossFit looks so simple on the outside but it is so complex in the detail and I stay open minded to learn more in the next years.

CrossFit is as much fun as it is hard and as we say in German, "von nichts kommt nichts" - nothing can be created from nothing which is to say, you get what you put in.