Member Spotlight: Chase Pitman


To people who’ve known me my whole life, my journey to CrossFit Clintonville would probably be described as, “unexpected”. I’ve always been a ThiccBoi, even as a kid. An early sugar addiction and an intense childhood loathing towards all things green and leafy will do that to you. Couple that with a natural aversion to competitive athletics and parents who, for a while, considered Ketchup a reasonable substitute for vegetables, and you get a perfect storm of chubbiness. Now, don’t get me wrong, I played all the classic suburban sports growing up. I enjoyed the social aspects and always looked forward to the post game snacks. But as the years went on, the games got more competitive, and the snacks stopped coming, I quickly lost interest. And, despite my dads’ best efforts, I did not turn out to be an all-star high school football player. I dabbled with working out before I left for college, but nothing ever really seemed to stick and despite many attempts to get fit, the “Thicc-ness” always came back.

During college, I put on the usual Freshman Fifteen. Followed by the Sophomore Sixtyish. My junior year, a group of friends and myself joined Team Beach Body and successfully completed all 60 days of “Insanity”. And while I managed to shed quite a bit of fat, one time through was more than enough for me. Without the daily recordings of Shaun T yelling at me for motivation, and a diet that consisted of far too many gas station chili dogs for one lifetime, the cycle just continued.

You may be starting to see a theme here: a terrible diet, very little exercise, and very little self- discipline. If you’re not convinced, consider this: I once was the sole participant in a mini corn dog power hour. It’s exactly what it sounds like, and I think is the perfect example of how little regard for nutrition and health I really had And while, I still occasionally struggle turning down delicious treats and motivating myself to get off the couch, all that began to change when I started doing CrossFit.

It all started as a type of New Year Resolution for 2016. I had recently moved to Austin, Texas from the woods of Michigan and realized I needed to make a change. I had gone to one community WOD during college, and despite how miserable it was and how little I was able to use my legs the following week, something about it had stuck with me. So, I looked up gyms in the area, and joined up with CrossFit Austin. The work outs were challenging, and to be honest I absolutely hated the first few months, but I really liked the people, so I stuck with it.

But despite a year-and- a-half of almost daily workouts I wasn’t seeing results to the level I wanted. Then, in the fall of 2017 I moved back to Columbus, and on the recommendation of long-time friend (and one time Homecoming date) Natalie Kahler, I walked into the doors of CrossFit Clintonville.

I’m not a very organized person, and because of that I don’t closely track my progress. But, I can say that since starting at CFC, I’ve accomplished more than I ever thought possible. I’ve lost a considerable amount of weight, gained numerous skills, and genuinely enjoyed it along the way. Something about the members, coaches, and general atmosphere of the gym have motivated me to kick the gummy bears and take my health and fitness seriously. I’ve come to realize that health and fitness are a life-long journey, and CrossFit Clintonville has helped me find a solid path forward.

So, thanks.