Member Spotlight: Janelle Hideg


Janelle started CrossFit in November, 2015 here at CFC. She wanted to join a local gym that provided her with a workout routine that constantly changed and would inevitably motivate her to keep coming in. Before CFC Janelle would jog, bike, and exercise at a traditional gym where she noticed most people didn't interact with one another. Janelle's favorite aspect of CFC is the community and the sense of support that gives. Her favorite aspect of CrossFit is it's constantly varied and the fact that the workouts are planned out for her so she can just come in and do it (even if she doesn't like them!). Despite her age, Janelle really feels like CrossFit is challenging, but not so much so that she feels overwhelmed or intimidated. She believes in the importance of improving one's strength, particularly as one gets older; Janelle doesn't want to live the lifestyle of the older people she works with. She's impressed by the fact that while CrossFit is a younger sport, so many older athletes, particularly the women, are able to compete at such a high level of intensity.

Recently, Janelle was able to reach her goal of doing one toes to bar (made it a goal in May) through hard work with Hannah before and after class. Her next goal is to get a strict pull up by November.

Fun fact: Janelle is really proud of the search and rescue work with her dogs Tavish and Gizmo, who often accompany her to the gym. She also mentioned that CrossFit helps her in her search and rescue work where she's often tasked with climbing obstacles, carrying her dogs, or lifting heavy debris.