Member Spotlight: Janis Halteman


Before I started Cross Fit, I was working out in a local gym, doing boot camps and weight training, and some power lifting with a trainer.  My husband and I both worked out there, and we had a great support group of friends there. I felt perhaps I’d reached the limits of how far I could go in that environment, and wanted to try some other things out, maybe even do something else.  I hated to leave these people I loved, so it was easy to let inertia take hold and stay there.

When the gym closed suddenly last summer, we were forced into action.  My husband suggested we try CrossFit since we had a box within walking distance from our house.  I thought he was nuts.  I’ve heard all kinds of things about CrossFit – so crazy hard people get hurt, it’s a cult, and so on – so when I walked into the gym the first time to try the community class, I was really nervous.  I walked in the door and someone from the RX+ class came up and asked if it was my first class and reassured me that it would be great, and not to be nervous.

The trainer that morning couldn’t have been more welcoming, enthusiastic and supportive.  The class was really fun and challenging, and made me feel like I was WAY out of shape.  I quickly came to the realization that CrossFit is designed to build functional fitness, and while my true love is lifting really heavy things, who doesn’t want to be in better shape?  So my husband and I both joined.

Over the past year, I’ve learned so many new things (Olympic lifts and gymnastics moves, to name a few) and gotten better at so many things (hello deadlift PRs!) and still feel challenged every time I walk into the gym.   

The beauty of CrossFit lies in the individuality of it all, really.  Am I the fastest or the strongest?  No, but that doesn’t matter.  I am in competition with myself to be a better me.  CrossFit gives me the opportunity to do what I love while forcing me to work on the stuff that I’m not so great at (burpees are my nemesis).

The coaches here are all super supportive; answering questions and helping with form and figuring out how to help you reach your goals.  But the best of all is this comes wrapped in a community of people that are SO supportive of each other; cheering on the successful firsts and PRs, supporting members at local competitions in our community, and supporting each other in our everyday lives.  Pretty amazing.  I didn’t think we’d be able to find a community like our old one, and I was right – this one is even better.