Member Spotlight: Julie Abijanac


  At one point in my life I could say that making art was the only “sport” I took part in. I can make things for hours without stopping. I would enter exhibitions, like athletes would enter competitions, with the goal of showing in galleries and museums nationally and internationally with success.

As you can imagine being an artist can be incredibly sedentary. This lifestyle, which I loved so much, had taken a toll on my body. My nutrition was off, activity levels were subpar and I was overweight. And if that wasn’t enough a diagnosis of stage 2A Hodgkin’s Lymphoma made me realize that I had to make huge changes.

I am embarrassed to say that a diagnosis of cancer, and not my nagging husband (Travis Moyer), is what really changed my mindset with regards to becoming healthy. Shortly thereafter, I joined a gym but felt like I was not succeeding. My weight wasn’t changing and I wasn’t feeling healthier. Travis could sense my frustration and suggested I try Crossfit.

My journey towards better health, I believe, really started the day I joined Crossfit Clintonville. This journey fell into two phases.

I walked into the box weighing in at 187. Everything was hard for me to do: weight/olympic lifting, AMRAPs, EMOMs, RUNNING, even warming up for a workout.  The first phase for me was to be consistent with my workouts. This led to a bit of weight loss and over time I had noticed that all of it became easier. I could lift a little more, increased the amount of reps, and even ran with more ease.

Over time I became frustrated because I hit a plateau with my weight.  It was suggested to me that I should get a BMI (Body Mass Index) and RMR (Resting Metabolism Rate) test. I set up my appointment in January 2016. What an eye opener! I wasn’t eating the proper amount of calories or often enough to sustain the amount calories burned during workout and rest days. Another eye opener was that I had A LOT OF FAT TO LOSE! This was the beginning of phase two. Bring on the food journal it’s time to hone in on my intake.

Now that I have focused on a consistent workout routine and maintaining a daily food journal I am happy to report that as of today I am down 27 pounds from the first day I walked into CFC. Give or take between now and past January I have lost 19 pounds of fat, added 2.5 pounds of lean muscle mass and have now fallen into the acceptable body fat range for my age. I still have some more weight to lose. I know it will happen.

I couldn’t have taken this path without the support of my husband, the coaches and community here at CFC.