Guest Post: Nic Miller Member Spotlight


What do you get when you take a married 20-something with 2 kids, add the stress of medical school and a small business, plus a prodigious appetite and a penchant for consuming amazing amounts of popcorn? You get me, a year ago, weighing in at 223 pounds, unable to climb two flights of stairs without catching my breath. Medical school was not going well for me. I wasn’t coping well with the schedule and the demands of family life. I was eating poorly, hooked on that dopamine rush, and... what can I say, my wife is a good cook!

I was mentally cloudy, so much so that I was cogniscant of it. Coffee helped, for a short while, before it wore off and my focus waned. I had a sense that fitness would help with that, but I wasn't self-motivated to work out alone at the campus gym.

Early in 2015, I googled Crossfit gyms near me. My brother had had considerable success in losing weight and gaining strength through Crossfit, and I saw how much he loved the community. I started going to the free Community WODS on Saturdays, which kicked my butt. I loved it. I bit the bullet and signed up for the 101 Classes.

The rest is history.


  • In June I maxed out my back squat at 235lbs, and in December I hit 340lbs.
  • In June I grunted and yelled and eventually failed to deadlift 305lbs. In December, I grunted and yelled and successfully deadlifted 395lbs.
  • In September, I could Clean & Jerk 155 lbs. In December I C&J’d my bodyweight - 205lbs (if you’re keeping, track that meant I had lost 18 lbs).
  • In October I placed 3rd in the Festivus Games, novice division.
  • I’m down 3 belt notches.
  • I can climb a rope, go unbroken for 40+ double unders, do Toes to Bar, and do pull ups (finally); all of those things were impossible for me just 9 months ago.

And school? I just passed my final pre-clinical exam of med school and am in the process of preparing for the board exam in April. The last 3 exams I’ve taken have been my best 3 scores by a considerable margin. My focus is unparralled, I can sit for hours (although, it usually hurts to stand up after a while, depending on the morning’s workout).

If you had told me a year ago that the answer to most of my life’s problems was to get up at 5:30am and go sweat my butt off with a bunch of crazy people in something called a “box” - I would have nodded and said “Yeah, cool story bro.” Now I couldn’t imagine it any other way.

As my school schedule has evolved, I’ve had to switch class times, and that sucked. Leaving the 6am class was like leaving my second family. You people are beasts, and you made me better in every single way. Rock on!

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