Member Spotlight: Sarah Kovacs


It is a very empowering experience when you finally decide to start taking care of yourself. Starting from a very early age, I would get great satisfaction from being able to help other people. Friends, family, or anyone around me who needed it. It is what I took comfort in, when I felt anything but comfortable in my own body.  When this gym was brought to my attention a couple of years ago from a friend and member, I ignored his good advice. After over a year of his polite coaxing, I decided that it was finally time to stop thinking about it and join.  All of the intimidation, nerves, and negative information that I had about CrossFit quickly dissolved after my first few workouts. I hadn't really understood how CrossFit could actually work and be beneficial for everyone. You literally start at what you are capable of. Which for me was not a whole lot. After a couple of months of making myself go into the gym, there was a subtle shift that started happening. I began wanting to go in. I began feeling stronger. I was starting to see very subtle changes in my appearance. I stood taller. I felt better in my clothes. I could breathe easier.  That little negative voice in my head began to quiet. I started looking closer to other aspects of my life. Food, being the biggest one. I worked with some folks to understand what was physically happening to my body. Not following a diet plan, or eliminating things out of my diet altogether (which is what I had previously done on short term bases to lose pounds). I found out that I wasn't fueling my body enough, and what I was eating was not balanced.

When I got that in line along with my workouts, I felt like for the first time, my body finally became my own.  I am proud of myself. This is hard, and there are days that I have bad workouts. There are days where I can't do what I had just done the week before. But this isn't really a before and after story. This is really still the beginning of the positive life changes that I began 13 months ago.

To celebrate my one year of literally not quitting at something that was good for me, I competed in the CrossFit Festivus games. I was surrounded by love and support. I received a participation t-shirt that said 'Athlete' down the back. My initial reaction to this was to scoff. But then I realized that it was true. I used to compare myself to people in peak physical condition and say "Man, I will never look like that." And I don't- but now I understand what it is to be athletic in my own body.  Somewhere along the line, this stopped being something that "I was doing" and became something "I do", and there's a big difference in that.

My mantra from the very beginning of this, came from my dad-  "If you change nothing, nothing changes."