Transforming Lives Through Fitness


Gyms and fitness centers are supposed to be places for personal development. Places where people can improve their fitness and health and, with the right guidance, go through a deeper and richer personal growth process. The reality is that not all gyms and fitness centers achieve this goal, if they choose to pursue it in the first place. Instead, there are a number who choose to sell aesthetics and vain pursuits. On the other hand, many people may align their ambitions with those superficial goals and never realize that there is so much more to achieve through training.

Crossfit Clintonville was designed to offer our members more than just an hour’s worth of intensive training. At CrossFit Clintonville we see fitness as a gateway leading to much more - that by developing a person’s fitness to its fullest potential we wouldn’t only be building up a stronger body, but a stronger person. Our mission from the beginning has been to transform lives through fitness. For us that means that we best serve our members by ensuring an environment that can leave a longer lasting impact on a person beyond a number on the weight scale or a person record on a lift.

Fitness Impacts Multiple Aspects Of Your Life

The reason a training environment is a great place for people to go to reshape their lives is not necessarily because of the actual exertion (although getting into better physical condition plays a huge factor too), but because of the time spent on mentoring and coaching a person through intimidation and self-doubt.

One of our members, Gretchen Witte, described it this way when asked about how her time at Crossfit Clintonville had impacted her:

Especially with Crossfit like you have to be ok with failing because you’re not going to do that lift right all the time or you’re going to have to be ok with not being able to do something. You have to push past the fear of failure to just do it. And if you fail that’s ok but you have to keep going.

When asked if this had a crossover effect into other areas of her life she expanded by saying:

…I’m an introvert and I’m deadly afraid of public speaking but it’s sometimes required for my job and I’ve tried to avoid it at all cost. But it’s something that I’m working on and like I have to embrace the fear and you have to go do it, especially when it’s your job. I’m slowly getting better at it. I don’t hyperventilate anymore. It used to get like so bad I would stand up in front of people and like just stutter. But you know, you have to get over the fear and just do it.

Gretchen made it a point to highlight the trainers and how they work with the members:

"The instruction is never like ‘you suck.’ It’s like ‘ok, we can work on that."

Our job, the way we see it, is to facilitate the process of our members creating a better life for themselves through the pursuit of continuous improvement. We embrace the opportunity to work with our members and assure them that we’re right there with them to coach them to their fullest potential.

Gaining Confidence Through Fitness

When placed in uncomfortable or uncertain situations, our minds respond the way it’s been conditioned to when confronted with a stressor. That’s why our mission has always been to create a community and environment from the top –down that is focused on building up the whole person - so that the training experience is able to create in our members a “can-do” mindset.

We asked Helen Williams, another individual we’re proud to call a member of our family, what she had gotten the most out of her training experience at Crossfit Clintonville. She answered:

confidence… I’m a lot more confident in my personal life - physically, and mentally.

Helen has been training at Crossfit Clintonville for nearly a year and credits her time with reclaiming her health by losing 15 pounds and taking more ownership of her diet. She summarized her overall experience training at Crossfit Clintonville by saying:

It really just makes me feel better about myself. I’m just not in a slump anymore. I feel good, I feel like I’m healthy.

Beyond Physical Training

When we started Crossfit Clintonville we didn’t want it to be a typical training environment. By that we mean an environment so focused on the training that our atmosphere felt cold by our members. What’s important for us is that anyone, regardless of how fit they are or what doubts they may have, can walk in and know that they’ll receive more than just an hour of our time. Our mission is for our community to be key in demonstrating that Crossfit Clintonville is not just a gym, but an entirely unique training experience. It’s said that a person is an average of the people he associates with the most.

If our mission is to transform lives then we had to make sure that our environment was able to impart a positive impact in our members’ lives just as much as anything thing else we could offer to them. We wanted everyone to know that while they come in to pursue their individual goals that they would not be alone; that between our trainers and our members that there would be a community to support and push you to become a better version of yourself.

Travis Moyer, one of our long-time members, made a personal observation that:

I’ve seen some members who change just before your eyes they just reshape themselves… they become better versions of themselves and stronger and healthier… I love seeing some of those other people come in and see themselves doing something they never thought they would be able to do…

There are gyms that can offer knowledgeable training and diet plans but our aim was to give our members more - that along with expert training we would offer an atmosphere of like-minded people whose missions every day is to get just a little bit better today than they were yesterday.

For over a year now we’ve been operating and we are thankful for all of our members and the energy they bring to the gym every day. From the start we’ve always said that we’re in the business to transform lives - fitness is just what brings us together. At some point all of our bodies weaken, but a stronger and healthier way of life lasts a lifetime. If we can mentor a person to laying as strong a foundation of physical fitness as they’ve ever had and then they’re able to build upon that foundation in ways they may never have been able to imagine, then we know we were successful in our mission. Our successes are our members’ successes.