Member Spotlight: Aaron & Claire

Aaron + Claire CFC members.jpeg

We have four boys, ages 5 to 15. Over the past fifteen years, we had periods where we worked out consistently (shout out to 2015!) and times where did almost nothing (yeah, we are talking about you 2008). In the past few years, we had been doing Beach Body workouts at home, including ones that focused more on lifting, but again were cycling.

We thought CrossFit would help us get more consistent with our workouts, and we were both really curious. We did 101, and though Claire was really intimidated in particular, we joined. Claire did not play sports as a child or teenager, or ever for that matter. Her dad is a farmer, and her mom worked, and neither could take her to school for practices. Given this was the 80s/90s, there was no parent texting stream that coordinated kids’ schedules back then. Plus, Claire thought she had very little athletic ability – she was literally always the last one picked during gym class. On the other hand, Aaron was the exact opposite. He grew up playing sports his whole life, basketball, football, baseball, and anything in between. He lifted weights and worked out to stay in shape in college. So, we were coming at this whole CrossFit thing with very different comfort levels.

It turns out, with excellent coaching, a lot of humility, and some great friends, anyone can have fun, get fit, and actually use the term “athletic” to apply to oneself! We now go to the gym almost every morning together, even if one of us has to miss for some reason. Aaron even looks forward to it! Claire looks forward to it and dreads it a little, but always feels great when it is done. Plus we have some great friends at the gym. Emma and Brigid are friends of Claire’s who support her, push her, and laugh with her when she screws up stuff, and celebrates when she has exciting things happen – i.e. Coach Pat asks her to demo something. Aaron enjoys the group fitness aspect as well – he feels like he has achieved more than he ever did at our home gym. Overall, it is fun to work out with others, and they push you to be better and do more than you thought you could.

As parents of four children, we are probably some of the last people someone would think of as CrossFit athletes. Making this time for ourselves though keeps us healthy, and helps with managing the stress of parenting and work. Self-care is so important at mid-life, and many put it on the back-burner. Plus, no CrossFit gym is cheap. But, we believe it is totally worth every penny, and as a bonus, you don’t skip when you are paying (unlike when we had to motivate ourselves at home)!

We go to the gym every weekday, and usually one day on the weekends, and we love it. Plus, we are setting a great example for our kids of two things that are important. One – we are showing them that it is important for us to spend time together. As we tell our kids – the most important relationship in this family is ours, because if it isn’t working, none of this is working. So, we are modeling to them that it is important to spend time with your significant other. Two – we are showing them that working out is a key part of a healthy lifestyle, and we want them to be exercising now, and later when they are adults. Our 13-year old has done an agility class at CrossFit Clintonville with Coach Coleman that he loved, and our 5-year old did CrossFit Kids, including doing box jumps and kettlebell swings with a mini-kettlebell. They are all involved in sports as well. We believe all these positive aspects of CrossFit Clintonville is what makes it 100% worth it, and we are better athletes, and more fit, because of it.

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