CrossFit Classes

CrossFit 101

Mandatory for beginners this is our intro session to CrossFit.  101 will give you all the tools you need to be successful and safe in our CrossFit Group Classes.  Learn the fundamentals of gymnastics, weightlifting and metabolic conditioning.  101 consists of 4 classes.  After completing 101 you can attend any of our CrossFit Group Classes.

CrossFit Group Classes

Our group classes combine the right amount of suffering and laughter to make them 100% effective and 100% addictive.  Our classes are constantly varied, expertly coached and scaled to the needs of any individual. We guarantee our CrossFit Group Classes will get you in the best shape of your life.

Community WOD

The community WOD (short for Workout Of the Day) is a FREE class that will give you a chance to experience CrossFit while using easy to learn movements (3 class trial).  This class is intended for anyone who is thinking about diving into CrossFit.  This is a great class to bring your curious friends to and no advanced registration necessary!  Every Saturday at 10AM!

RX Class

Built for those who love the feeling of competition.  This friendly but competitive class is a high energy way to kick off your weekend.  The workout is usually extra challenging and the team spirit is contagious.  Every Saturday at 9AM!